Pinix Design Studio was formed because we saw a great need for small and medium sized organizations to have a consistent and purposeful image across everything that they use. We wanted to be able to provide design services for every aspect of an organization, from its website, to business cards, to invoices. We felt strongly that a company should be able to get one high quality package that addresses all its design needs, and be available from one place.

Every organization is unique, and we understand that. We create unique designs to fit just you. Your image is important, for it becomes the face of your organization. It is vital that it consistently and accurately represents you. Some design companies offer you pre-packaged templates where they simply insert your company name in the "right space". That's where we stand out from the rest! We recognize that in today's business world you need to invest your money in a design option that will give you a competitive edge in your target market.

Our studio is based in Northern Virginia, but we serve clients all over the United States, and are continually expanding into new regions. While we do have local clients, the web allows us to offer our services to anyone across the United States and beyond. We understand that the internet can sometimes make business transactions feel very impersonal. Pinix Design Studios promises that your organization will get that important personal touch from our designers.

We promise three G's: to design a Great look - by and for Great people - at a Great price!



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